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Perfect Waterslide unit for Hard Surfaces. Constant water falling from above the slide and Shallow pool of water, approximately 4" deep with inflated bottom means only soft stops while still giving a refreshing cool off on a Hot day.

-Space need for this unit is 30ft long x 17ft wide x 18ft tall

-Level Surface Required, can be set-up on any outdoor surface
-Includes Set-up, Air Blower & Stakes for Grass Set-up
-Hard Surface Set-ups incur additional charge

-If your event is indoors, at a forest preserve or any other place that might need an additional insured certificate   Please  be advised it could take 72 hours to receive the certificate.

-Generators are only needed when electric isn't available on site such as a forest preserve or park, We rent Generators for $75.00.

Price: $325.00 per 8 / hrs.
Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 27'10L x 13'0"W x 15'0"H
Space Needed: 32"0"L x 17"0"W x 17H

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Wave Splash Slide

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