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Velcro Soccer Balls with A Velcro Dartboard, You kick the ball and it sticks like a dart.

High volume attraction perfect for Schools, Soccer, Baseball or Football clubs, Churches, Family reunions or Block Parties. You can play whole games of darts or use it for fundraising (Get a Bullseye, win a prize) This is a HUGE hit at every event it goes to!

-$325 for up to 8 Hours. 

-Space needed for this unit is 25ft from the side to side and 23ft tall. Will fit in Gymnasiums 

-Includes Set-up, Air Blower & Stakes for Grass Set-up

-Hard Surface Set-ups incur additional charge

-If your event is indoors, at a forest preserve or any other place that might need an additional insured certificate Please be advised it could take 72 hours to receive the certificate.

-Generators are only needed when electric isn't available on site
such as a forest preserve or park, We rent Generators for $75.00.

Price: $325.00 per 8 / hrs.
Circuits needed: 1
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Soccer Darts

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